Pharmacy History

Lindsey's Pharmacy Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Mason's Pharmacy actually began as Big State Pharmacy in the late 1960's with Paul Mason, RPh serving as the pharmacist. In 1972, he bought the store and renamed it "Mason's Pharmacy". The pharmacy was located at 2101 West Airport Freeway, just east of Story Road from the late 60's until December 22, 2008.

Paul Mason and his wife, Mary Jo Mason owned and operated this small pharmacy, serving the needs of the community with a simple philosophy. Treat the customer well and take care of them...and they'll come back. The Masons did an amazing job of doing just that and Mr. Mason worked full time until he semi-retired and sold the store to his daughter and son-in-law, Mark and Jane Mason-Gilbert.

Mark and Jane ran the store with the same attitude the Masons had -- knowing the customer's name, offering services and products the chain stores didn't want to worry about. They bought the store in 1992 and Mark was the pharmacist and Jane ran the business and finance side of the operation.

In 2004, Mark and Jane decided they wanted to do something least not be responsible for a business every they looked for a buyer. Scott Lindsey had been working a day a week at Mason's on his day off from Tom Thumb Pharmacy.

Scott and Jane started talking and within a few weeks they were beginning the process of a sale. Scott Lindsey and Chris Pittman purchased the pharmacy and took over officially on July 17, 2004, retaining the Mason's name and location.

Scott Lindsey has been a pharmacist in Irving his entire career. He started out at Page Drug at Shady Grove and Story Rd. in South Irving at the age of 16, working as a pharmacy technician. He went off to Pharmacy school at the University of Houston and graduated in 1988 and started working. From 1988 until 2004 he either worked for Tom Thumb Pharmacy in Irving or at a home health agency which specialized in rare and chronic diseases.

Scott grew up in Irving, went to Nimitz High School and has spent his career caring for the needs of those who call Irving and the surrounding area home.

Chris Pittman grew up in Tulsa and after talking with Scott about the prospect of a partnership in this new pharmacy decided that his background in business mixed with a deep interest in caring for other people might be the right formula for making this pharmacy thrive. At the time, Chris was working as a Chaplain at Children's Medical Center Dallas. This position required care for families and patients who were ill or grieving an illness or loss. Children's offered a unique place to mix the medical care with patient care...paving the way for being a part of this new family venture, now called Lindsey's.

Scott and Chris operate the pharmacy day to day, only having a relief pharmacist once every other week to give them time off. As you can see, for the most part, the same few staff members are there every day and are proud of the fact that they know most every customer by name...and usually even by what car they drive.

In 2006, after Mr. Mason decided to retire for good and quit working at the store...we chose to finally change the name to reflect the new ownership. In the summer of 2006 the pharmacy became known as "Lindsey's Pharmacy", but remained at the same location on Airport Freeway.

For many years, the state and city have talked about widening State Highway 183 (Airport Freeway), but finally the money started flowing and the state began buying property on much of the north side of 183 to make room for the expansion, slated to begin in 2012 or after.

After years of calmly looking...the staff knew it was time to get serious. As it turned out, the perfect property was recently vacated and had our name written all over it. The building at 2616 Texas Drive was only 1/2 mile from the existing store and had room to expand the pharmacy while keeping a drive-thru window. In the Fall of 2008, renovations began on that building, creating exactly what we wanted in a new location.

We needed all the modern conveniences such as built in high speed internet and flexible over the counter and better designed pharmacy area. In addition, we desperately needed storage and office space that would allow us to keep doing our best for every customer.

Renovations were completed and a Certificate of Occupancy was issued by the City of Irving on Friday, December 19, just in time to begin moving on Saturday. After being open for business on Saturday, even while packing up -- the real move began that afternoon and by Monday morning we were ready for customers at the new location.

The new store opened at 2616 Texas Drive at 8:30 a.m., Monday, December 22, 2008...complete with a drive - thru window and a beautiful, all new interior with better over the counter space and pharmacy area.

We have seen exciting growth since the move...many of our neighbors at the new store never knew we existed. Others found our location on the service road to be too busy. Since the move, many new customers have joined our family pharmacy and have found what exactly makes Lindsey's unique.

We still offer daily delivery for a nominal charge...a drive thru, packaging for nursing homes in the area, we still accept most all insurance plans and we have added modern technology that helps streamline health care for our customer.

Lindsey's - Mason's - Big State --- all have a long tradition in Irving...whatever the name, the commitment is the same....treat every customer special and they'll keep coming back. And you have.

Thank you for being a part of the Lindsey's Pharmacy family! And thank you for many years to come!